Markings and customizations

Details make the difference

Nowadays little things make the difference. For this reason Ceredi Co. always tries to give to his customers a personalized service, made to measure. In this direction,our firm has already developed during the years different technics for the customization of the products. 15 years ago we started giving the possibility to the customer to have his own brand on the valves and on the handles with plug to be inserted directly inside the production moulds.

10 years ago we have introduced the mono and bicolour printing technic with ink, to be applied on the pieces already produced, and with this we have increased the range of customizable items to box and hatches. But we did not stop here.

It is a year that we bought a laser technology marker, and with it we can at this point personalize all our range. A big advantage of this machine is that, unlike the other technics, where the costs of producing, even if low, is in any case significant,and the quantity of pieces requested for the production is not so little, the cost is very low and the minimum quantity requested is very small, even only few pieces. Further more, not having to produce plug or cliché, the delivery time is very short; it is enough an email from the customer with his drawning, and immediately we can start the production.

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Air Welding Machine

Ceredi experience at your service

Ceredi Co. has always tried to offer to his customers a complete service. In 40 years starting from the work of the wood we passed step by spep to the stainless steel , to the plastic material, and to the rubber. In this direction, from now we can offer a new service to the inflatable manufacturers: with the cooperation of an important Italian firm, we can supply hot air tape welding machines.

Having developed several of these machines, already working worlwide, we can supply a reliable and efficient product, able to optimize the times of production, and to make an accurate work in the years. Same machines as the ones we can supply, have already welded over 3000 inflatable boatsfrom 1.85 mts to 12 mts long without any problem. Previous steps of the same product during last 10 years have welded around 40000 boats and many other articles.

The hot air tape welding machine is specifically made for PVC and Pu fabric materials , and could weld around 1500 boats/year. Of course the machine is made according to the most recent European standard and it is equipped with an electronic control system, that ensures the most important passive safety features and allows further upgrade, to cope with future requirements. The machine is equipped with an electronic temperature control regulator with a digital display, that allows the monitoring of the air temperature; the fabric transport is provided by rollers which speed and pressure are controlled by specific electronic/pneumatics devices. At the delivery the machine is tested and ready to work.